“As my personal experience of over forty years of practicing and teaching can attest, those who practice and apply themselves with persevering commitment, according to the prescribed indication of Qigong training, certainly will get beneficial effects for their health, of such a quality that no medicine will be ever able to provide.

In the light of the global trend to “return to nature”, there is a growing research for healthy therapeutic methods with no harmful side effects. Medical Chinese Qigong stands out in the field of natural medicine because it does not use drugs and deserves to be the first choice for those who look for health".

Master Li Xiaoming

Qigong is an over three-thousand-year old healing system aimed at establishing and maintaining the energy balance of the person. Literally “gong” means skill, ability, realization, result. Therefore Qigong is the ability to manage vital energies resulting from dedication and practice: the art of realization of vital energy.


Chinese Medical Qigong is a comprehensive and advanced form of engineering of systems relating to the improvement of life of the human body. Over thousands of years, it has been gradually summarized by the Chinese civilization as a practice of therapeutic self-healing. It benefits life-expectancy, life nourishment and health preservation. Nowadays, it has become a comprehensive theoretical and practical method of natural medicine of undisputed effectiveness.


Chinese Medical Qigong promotes the naturalness of celestial rules and disinterested actions of human beings through methods specifically established for body self-correction, in order to define a practice for improving oneself in life and spirit.

It takes Lao Zi''s “Canon of the Way and Virtue” as its basic model, “stillness, purity, disinterested action, naturalness” as its code of behaviour, “regulation of body, breath and spirit” as its rule. Body regulation enables yin yang balance, a free flow of energy in the channels, stronger energy and blood, the natural restoration of a regulated order, the overcoming of worries, the relief from pain. In short: health and longer life.

Since autumn 2006, a Qigong Therapeutic Healthy School has been operating in Milan. It runs a six-years course of study to train and certify qualified instructors, who may carry on in the association the contents of this discipline, the dissemination effort begun over twenty years ago by Masters Thomas Wu Tao-Ling and Li Xiaoming of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Beijing.


Updated details are available on http://www.qigongschool.eu.