FIMI promotes an approach combining Chinese and Western medicine. The interaction between Western medicine and Chinese traditional medicine has created new methods for the treatment of patients and responds now more than ever to people’s increasing need for a healthy and natural life style.

The Italian Federation for Integrated Medicines (FIMI) was founded in 1988, following the visionary inspiration of a group of Professor Li Xiaoming's students, with the intent to promote and disseminate Traditional Chinese Medicine in combination with Western Medicine.


We focus on the study, integration, dissemination of and education on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). FIMI encourages the study of TCM in its various applications through seminars and thanks to the constant educational activity of professor Li Xiaoming and professor Thomas Wu Tao-Ling, both professors accredited at the Medicine and Pharmacology University at Beijing.

FIMI has cooperated for several years with important health institutions – such as hospitals, universities and officially recognised ackonwledged Research Centres – also in order to obtain scientific validation of therapeutic protocols reconciling Western and Chinese medical practices.

Several clubs associated with FIMI provide our members with continuous training. Moreover FIMI promotes a constant transfer of Qigong practices and Traditional Chinese Massage techniques through ad hoc courses, thus testifying to the quality of its educational value. FIMI complements the dissemination and promotion of TCM through its publications.

Thanks to the outstanding reputation of professor Li Xiaoming, in November 2012 FIMI was accepted as a member of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, a very selective international organization gathering and networking associations operating worldwide in the field of Chinese medicine.


Professor Li's teaching has always focused mainly on Qigong, which accounts for a common key to the understanding of all branches of Chinese Medicine and an essential educational tool for physicians, therapists and non-professional practitioners.

Professor Li Qigong's courses span more levels of learning and include, from time to time, the study of selected techniques for the treatment of certain diseases or loss of energy balancing. Over the years, the topics treated in his seminars have increased to include Chinese Food Therapy, Traditional Chinese Energy Massage, the analysis of the energetic meaning of acupoints following Taoist principles, Chinese Child Massage, Diagnostics and Semiotics according to Chinese Medicine, and basic Chinese Phytotherapy.

Through his constant teaching effort, Professor Li has trained so far and is still training several lots of students, which now teach at basic Qigong courses and in turn spread their knowledge through regular courses at the Qigong School in Milan and as part of the Traditional Chinese Energy Massage Course, as well as in many other cultural and educational activities organized throughout Italy.

In 1998, the President of the Republic of Italy awarded Professor Li with the title of Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic for scientific merits.